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Appel à Candidature Student Mobility for Studies
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Politecnico di Milano

Under the framework of the Mobility Program Erasmus+ KA171 which is pursued by the Inter-Institutional Agreement (IIA) between Biskra University and Politecnico di Milano. We are pleased to inform graduate Students (Doctorate), PhD program in Environmental and Infrastructure Engineering, that we have three (03) Students Mobility for Studies. The nominated applicants will spend three (03) Months at Politecnico di Milano during the first semester 2024-2025. Note: The Erasmus+ KA171 Program supports the disadvantaged group (physical disability, etc.) in participating in these kinds of calls. Requirements: * Should have at least B1 in English (the certificate issued from the CEIL of Biskra or TOEIC, TOEFL, etc.), PhD students Offer: You have to submit your application in both insitutions before 25 April 2024 (our Erasmus+ platform) as well as Polimi online application via For more details and assistance, do not hesitate to email Mr. Mohamed MOUMMI at

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The Specialties concerned are :
    (07) : 3 Etudiant

The schedule for this call is as follows :

  • 24/04/2024
  • 25/04/2024
  • 06/05/2024
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